In this fun, cringey, and sometimes raunchy podcast, the Stock Dads interview expert traders, investors, and dads. Every week, our hosts review current market conditions, important news events, and look to the week ahead for potential trade and investment opportunities. Learn all about the stock market, trading and investing strategies, and add a whole bunch of dad jokes to your Dadabase. Tune in to grill up some profits with us!

About Stock Dads

August 3, 2020

The Stocks and Sandals podcast was produced by Stock Dads FOR Stock Dads.

Stock Dads the fastest-growing community of dads who like to trade or invest in different financial markets.

Our goal is to build a community of dads who want to build generational wealth for our families. Stock Dads was designed to give dads a fun place to learn, grow, and support each other. Not just with trading or investing, but in life. Even though we all come from different places, have different levels of experience, and different goals, we all have one thing in common - the title of "DAD."

Financial markets are challenging, and so is the journey of fatherhood. Neither should be faced alone.

Now that all of that gushy stuff is out of the way, the last thing you should know is that we like to have fun and never take ourselves too seriously. If you hate dad jokes, this isn't the community or podcast for you.

I bet you're thinking "Ok, that's enough... I'm done reading."
To which I would reply, "Hi Done Reading. I'm Dad!"
*You were warned*

Disclaimer: Any tips or ideas that you get here are opinions. We aren't Certified Financial Advisors/Planners. We hope to empower you to do your own research and due diligence. Content on this page should not be considered formal financial advice.

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