In this fun, cringey, and sometimes raunchy podcast, the Stock Dads interview expert traders, investors, and dads. Every week, our hosts review current market conditions, important news events, and look to the week ahead for potential trade and investment opportunities. Learn all about the stock market, trading and investing strategies, and add a whole bunch of dad jokes to your Dadabase. Tune in to grill up some profits with us!

About Mike

August 3, 2020
Hey all! My name is Mike, and I, ironically, am NOT a dad. 
“Why are you on a podcast BY stock dads FOR stock dads” you might ask? Excellent question. I am perfectly suited to help in the production of this podcast because I am uniquely qualified by... knowing very little about stocks!
I started casually investing about 6 months ago, and it quickly became a borderline obsession. I have always been interested in finance and have looked for ways to grow and establish wealth outside of a career.
I think this is a great time to learn about the market and am so excited to embark on this journey to master the stock market with our listeners!

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