In this fun, cringey, and sometimes raunchy podcast, the Stock Dads interview expert traders, investors, and dads. Every week, our hosts review current market conditions, important news events, and look to the week ahead for potential trade and investment opportunities. Learn all about the stock market, trading and investing strategies, and add a whole bunch of dad jokes to your Dadabase. Tune in to grill up some profits with us!

August 8, 2022

The Stocks and Sandals™️ Podcast - Season 4 Episode 2 - Stock Market Shenanigans with Penny Slayer, Fuzz, and Paper Prophet

* Penny Slayer, Fuzz, and Paper Prophet goof around and break down the market, talk about what stocks to watch, update you on all the news you need to know heading into the next trading week. More information can be found on our free Facebook page at: or on our premium Discord, see our plans here: use promo code YOUTUBE for 10% off packages for life! #stockdads #stockdiscord #stockmarket #tradingcommunity #stocks101 #stockmarket101 #stocksfordummies #retailtrading #wallstreetbets #investing #trading #stocks #stocksforkids #daytrading #crypto In just the past 2 years, we have: - Helped over 2,000 dads learn how to trade while balancing a busy working dad lifestyle - Over 800 stocks and options alerts that gained 100% or more - Over 30 analysts, educators, and support staff - A cumulative win rate of 84% on all alerts since our inception Don't believe us? Check out our reviews on Trustpilot, Google, and anywhere else. When you join our community, here’s a list of everything you’ll get to set yourself up for long-term success: 1. Personal mentor for 1:1 support using the Stock Dads Roadmap™️ 2. Real-time alerts for stocks, options, crypto, and sports-betting 3. Exclusive access to Stock Dads Academy™️ and Technical Wizard™️ self-paced learning courses 4. Live trading and educational sessions with our analysts streamed multiple times every week 5. Unrestricted access to licensed financial professionals including a CPA, CFP®️, and more for true personal financial wellness 6. Real-time option flow, darkpool data, AI alerts, and more 7. Access to 350+ books, proprietary tools, and downloadable resources 8. On-demand exclusive Stockopedia™️ analysis reports for both US and Canadian stocks 9. Quarterly $500 DD challenge where members compete for a prize based on stock performance predictions 10. Frequent big-ticket premium giveaways with prizes ranging in value from $500 - $3000 If you want to learn more, or talk to one of our Customer Experience reps… ✅ Go here to book your free action call: During your 15-minute action call - our Customer Experience rep will run a quick diagnostic on your current trading account (if you have one) to see how integrating our Roadmap™️ system and Discord services into your trading can work for you specifically. More often than not - traders (especially new traders) have "blind spots" that are costing them dollars every month, week, and even day. So, during this call - our trained Customer Experience reps can usually identify those blind spots early & shine a light on some solutions that you can begin applying fast. And if we feel like you’re a good candidate to become one of our next success stories - they’ll share what it would look like working with us in our Discord directly - and help you formulate a custom game plan to win big. Our vision is to create the largest army of dads with 6 & 7-figure trading accounts - that not only make a ton of profit for their families each year... ...but also IMPACT the world and the lives of other dads in a deeply meaningful way. Again, welcome to Stock Dads™️. Don't forget to book your free 15-minute action call with our team here: Use promo code YOUTUBE for 10% off any Discord subscription package for life! Interested in Crypto? We have a full Crypto Dads section with education, professional analysts, real-time alerts, live trading and education and more, all about crypto and crypto futures. Check out Crypto Dads here: Listen to the Stocks and Sandals Podcast recordings here: Follow Stock Dads socials here for more content:*

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